Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review - Guardian of the Flame: A Seven Wonders Novel

I recently posted a book review on Guardian of the Flame: A Seven Wonders Novel By: T.L. Higley at If any of you are interested please check it out. Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing Research - Jealousy

This weeks emotion is Jealousy. What mannerisms or behaviors do you associate with jealousy? All insight is appreciated!

The last emotion was resignation. Best Blogger Tips

Friday, August 6, 2010

Writing Research - Resignation

Resignation by definition
~ accepts/agrees that something is inevitable or right
~ goes along without resistance

To say that you are resigned to something implies that you were not always resigned.

I tend to think of resignation in the context of an unhappy or beaten person, but it occurred to me that this is not always the case. If you are resigned because you agree that the opposition is in fact right, then you may be happily resigned.


Resignation looks different depending on why the individual resigned themselves and how they feel about the inevitable.

A person resigned to the fact that they were going to die someday might still portray feelings of fear, sadness, anger, happiness or peace depending on why the person was resigned. (Did they have faith? Hate life?) The motivations for resigning are key to the mannerisms displayed.

When writing resignation I would ask

~ Why wasn't my character originally resigned?
~ What are the motivations/reasons for the change of heart/mind?
~ What is the resulting emotional/mental state?

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any specific input on how to portray this emotion in writing?

Thank you all who have given me input thus far. I truly appreciate it and would appreciate any further light you could cast on the subject!

The emotion for this next week is Jealousy. Last weeks emotion was Grief. Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Character development – Types of Physical Responses Part 4 of 5


Conscious movements are responses we decide to express.

~ Punching Things
~ Stomping Feet
~ Smiling
~ Massaging Temples

These are examples of responses we have control over.

A man gets really angry. His face turns white, he clenches his teeth, and he slams a door. The man has no control over the color of his face(involuntary response), and clenches his teeth subconsciously, but he decides to slam the door. Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grief - Responses, Mannerisms, Behaviors


Thank you to everyone who posted comments. I appreciate all the input. If you know of anything that I have left out, please let me know! The next emotion I would like feedback on is Resignation.

I have divided the information into four categories: Medical Responses, Physical Responses, Emotional/Mental Responses, and Resulting Mannerisms.

Medical Responses

~ Diminished Immunity (Often results in Colds)
~ Medical conditions that existed before the loss might get worse
~ The stress of grief leads to the body working harder internally (higher blood pressure and pulse)

Physical Responses

~ Aches and soreness throughout the body
~ Clenched Jaw
~ Cold and Hot spells
~ Dizziness
~ Dry Mouth
~ Emptiness (feeling in stomach or middle)
~ Fatigue, Exhaustion
~ Headaches
~ Heaviness in the Chest
~ Insomnia (can't sleep)
~ No Appetite, Come and go appetite, Overeating, inability to swallow, or Nausea
~ Numbness
~ Sensitivity to noise
~ Shortness of Breath
~ Slowed responses (Can lead to more spills and messes)
~ Tension (throughout body)
~ Tightening Throat
~ Trembling (tingly, shaky)
~ Weakness

Emotional/Mental Responses

~ Aggression
~ Agitated
~ Anger (towards God, the departed, or others)
~ Anxiety
~ Apprehensive
~ Blaming
~ Confused
~ Denial
~ Depressed
~ Despair
~ Disbelief
~ Disoriented
~ Distorted sense of time
~ Drugged feeling
~ Embarrassment (about responses to grief)
~ Emptiness
~ Fear
~ Guilt
~ Hallucinations
~ Hatred
~ Helplessness
~ Hopelessness
~ Isolated feeling (from friends, family, life, reality)
~ Loneliness
~ Mood swings
~ Nightmares
~ Out of Control (feeling)
~ Overwhelmed
~ Pain
~ Panic
~ Regret
~ Relief (sometimes accompanied by guilt)
~ Restless
~ Sadness
~ Self-pity
~ Shock
~ Tearing apart inside (feeling)
~ There's no point to anything (feeling)
~ Unreal (feeling)

Resulting Mannerisms

~ Accident prone (due to slowed response time)
~ Arguing
~ Avoiding places, people, and situations that would act as reminders
~ Crying
~ Difficulty Expressing Yourself
~ Disinterest
~ Doesn't complete tasks/distracted/not organized
~ Easily flies off the handle
~ Forget to go about normal activities (eating, exercising)
~ Hallucinations
~ Hyperactivity (drowns sorrows in busyness)
~ Imitating mannerisms of deceased
~ Impatience
~ Increase of Bad Habits (smoking, drugs, tantrums)
~ Insomnia, waking during the night, nightmares
~ Joking
~ Laughter
~ Listlessness
~ Making decisions and solving problems is hard
~ Protectiveness of others
~ Random crying (brought on by anything)
~ Reminiscing (life and death of deceased)
~ Restlessness
~ See the deceased's face constantly in their head
~ Senses deceased, looks for them, expects to see them walk through the door
~ Sighing
~ Startles easily or more dramatically
~ Wandering aimlessly
~ Withdrawn Best Blogger Tips
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