Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing Research - Jealousy

This weeks emotion is Jealousy. What mannerisms or behaviors do you associate with jealousy? All insight is appreciated!

The last emotion was resignation. Best Blogger Tips

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  1. I associate jealousy with insecurity. Whatever the cause of the insecurity, it can sometimes manifest itself through jealousy. I also think that competition (which can cause anxiety and insecurity) can heighten a sense of jealousy. It's often the easier emotion to feel -- people don't really want to review themselves enough to figure out why they're jealous over something, so they just wallow in it until the mood passes.

    That was a really long answer.

    Also, because I wasn't sure if you'd see it if I commented back on my blog, I'd definitely be interested in trading links! Having a links page is a great idea. =D


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