Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grief - Responses, Mannerisms, Behaviors


Thank you to everyone who posted comments. I appreciate all the input. If you know of anything that I have left out, please let me know! The next emotion I would like feedback on is Resignation.

I have divided the information into four categories: Medical Responses, Physical Responses, Emotional/Mental Responses, and Resulting Mannerisms.

Medical Responses

~ Diminished Immunity (Often results in Colds)
~ Medical conditions that existed before the loss might get worse
~ The stress of grief leads to the body working harder internally (higher blood pressure and pulse)

Physical Responses

~ Aches and soreness throughout the body
~ Clenched Jaw
~ Cold and Hot spells
~ Dizziness
~ Dry Mouth
~ Emptiness (feeling in stomach or middle)
~ Fatigue, Exhaustion
~ Headaches
~ Heaviness in the Chest
~ Insomnia (can't sleep)
~ No Appetite, Come and go appetite, Overeating, inability to swallow, or Nausea
~ Numbness
~ Sensitivity to noise
~ Shortness of Breath
~ Slowed responses (Can lead to more spills and messes)
~ Tension (throughout body)
~ Tightening Throat
~ Trembling (tingly, shaky)
~ Weakness

Emotional/Mental Responses

~ Aggression
~ Agitated
~ Anger (towards God, the departed, or others)
~ Anxiety
~ Apprehensive
~ Blaming
~ Confused
~ Denial
~ Depressed
~ Despair
~ Disbelief
~ Disoriented
~ Distorted sense of time
~ Drugged feeling
~ Embarrassment (about responses to grief)
~ Emptiness
~ Fear
~ Guilt
~ Hallucinations
~ Hatred
~ Helplessness
~ Hopelessness
~ Isolated feeling (from friends, family, life, reality)
~ Loneliness
~ Mood swings
~ Nightmares
~ Out of Control (feeling)
~ Overwhelmed
~ Pain
~ Panic
~ Regret
~ Relief (sometimes accompanied by guilt)
~ Restless
~ Sadness
~ Self-pity
~ Shock
~ Tearing apart inside (feeling)
~ There's no point to anything (feeling)
~ Unreal (feeling)

Resulting Mannerisms

~ Accident prone (due to slowed response time)
~ Arguing
~ Avoiding places, people, and situations that would act as reminders
~ Crying
~ Difficulty Expressing Yourself
~ Disinterest
~ Doesn't complete tasks/distracted/not organized
~ Easily flies off the handle
~ Forget to go about normal activities (eating, exercising)
~ Hallucinations
~ Hyperactivity (drowns sorrows in busyness)
~ Imitating mannerisms of deceased
~ Impatience
~ Increase of Bad Habits (smoking, drugs, tantrums)
~ Insomnia, waking during the night, nightmares
~ Joking
~ Laughter
~ Listlessness
~ Making decisions and solving problems is hard
~ Protectiveness of others
~ Random crying (brought on by anything)
~ Reminiscing (life and death of deceased)
~ Restlessness
~ See the deceased's face constantly in their head
~ Senses deceased, looks for them, expects to see them walk through the door
~ Sighing
~ Startles easily or more dramatically
~ Wandering aimlessly
~ Withdrawn Best Blogger Tips


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