Sunday, September 19, 2010

Writing Research - Curiosity

This weeks emotion is Curiosity. What mannerisms or behaviors do you associate with Curiosity?

Here are some prompting questions.

How do you know someone is curious?
What do they do that indicates they are curious?
What do they say and how do they say it?
Do they have involuntary responses?
Is there a physical response to curiosity that only the person experiencing it is aware of?

All insight is appreciated!
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  1. You're really making me think, Sarah. Curiosity? Deep concentration, to the point of ignoring all else in the immediate surroundings, including other sounds and people. A narrowing of eyes, a tilting of the head, squinting, pursing of lips, neck and body leans forward (toward subject of interest). A holding of breath, a stilling. Now, the hard part is putting this into words that are not cliche. Maybe starting with "a stilling."

  2. Interesting!
    Perhaps another possible angle to consider is whether the person in question is embarrassed or not over his/her curiousity. It would change whether a person openly stares at an object or merely snatches glimpses at it.


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