Thursday, September 16, 2010

Writing Research - Anger (2)

This weeks emotion is Anger. What is the most unusual thing you've seen an angry person do? What was the funniest? Basically what mannerisms have you seen associated with anger? Best Blogger Tips

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  1. I have a son who had a temper when he was younger that reminded me of a volcano. He mad about something but he'd be controlling it. Only it'd be gaining pressure inside until he would finally blow up. And get out of his way when he did! But it came back to bite him when he was about seven or eight. We were at the local recreation center, playing wallyball as a family. He got angry about something and when he blew, he threw that ball down in front of him as hard as he could. Unfortunately, balls bounce. This one came up and hit him right in the chin. Everyone burst out laughing--except him, of course. He did eventually see the humor in it. Later.


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