Friday, September 24, 2010

Anger – Responses, Mannerisms, Behaviors


- All aspects of the face tend to crinkle in the middle (nose, eyes, eye brows, lips)
- Creases in Forehead
- Slanted eyebrows, furrowed in the middle of face
- One eyebrow raised
- Eyes narrow on inside corner (next to nose)
- stare or glare
- flared nostrils
- set jaw
- grinding teeth
- Frown
- Sneer
- spit flying out of mouth
- face turns red, or white
- sweat/ perspire
- become quiet
- becomes louder and louder, crescendo effect (quiet voice to yell)
- inhale loudly
- cry
- laugh
- muttering
- swear/bad language
- talk fast
- sarcasms (negative, cutting)
- snapping comments/ responses
- walk/run away
- strike out at person or thing perceived responsible for anger
- knocking things over
- slamming things
- kicking things
- hitting things
- breaking things
- clenched hands
- grabbing another person's wrists
- arms folded tightly across chest
- points/waves finger in or at someone's face, direction, etc...
- stomp feet
- raise stature to full height in attempt to tower over opponent
- move fast/ agitated
- face off opponent so you are squarely in front of them
- tries to cool off (takes off removable layers, turns on air, etc . . . in attempt to do so)
- strikes out until seeing blood (another person's or their own) 


- increased heart rate
- higher blood pressure
- blame others for feeling
- the body tenses
- feel a temporary high/rush brought on by adrenalin
- burning feeling in chest
- numbness in cheeks and jaw
- suddenly hot (need to get cooled off)
- forced patience
- a strong desire to say exactly what you think (in a deliberately hurtful manner, or simply without consideration of another)

If I've left out anything please post a note, more insight is always good!

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  1. one thing that I do, and maybe its just unique to me, but if I am sitting when I'm angry, I shake my foot or leg. I didn't consciously know I was doing it until my husband pointed it out to me and said thats the way he can tell if I'm angry but biting my tongue.

  2. With so many choices on how to "show" anger (externally and internally, there is no excuse for the use of cliches in one's writing. Thanks for sharing.


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