Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writing Research - Tenderness (2)

This weeks emotion is Tenderness. 

What unusual behaviors have you seen a person do out of tenderness?

What was the funniest?

What mannerisms do you associate with tenderness? Best Blogger Tips


  1. I usually associate innocence and fragility to this emotion. Not sure why. :) But I get your point in this exercise. Great work here!

  2. To me tenderness comes with having a great concern for someone. You're wanting what is good for them and helping to achieve that good if you can. The most I have observed tenderness is in would be a mother toward her child. It's like a mixture of gentle, as in soft and good intentions or good thoughts.

  3. Tenderness seems to be manifested through touch - a gentle pat, a comforting or affectionate hug, a caress.

    The eyes express tenderness. It looks like a cross between sorrow, concern, and love.


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